How We Help

Our Method

To create successful communities, we seek to maintain three major pillars: Student Support, Medical Aid, and Job Training. For students to succeed in school, their families must be able to provide security for them. We assist these families with developing economic independence as well as basic healthcare.

Ongoing Community Support

By teaching useful trades to women, building medical clinics, and providing school materials and tuition, Child Reach Uganda builds stronger and more independent communities.

“Child Reach Uganda is a wonderful program that not only provides invaluable services to the people of Uganda, but also helps our students at Dayton to think beyond themselves and make a real difference in the world.”

– Alyssa Nissen, Teacher at Dayton Elementary

Help For The Hearing Impaired

After discovering a large community of hearing-impaired Ugandans in need, Child Reach Uganda partnered with Starkey Technologies to provide hearing aids to the community.

"CRU (student) connections with Ugandans are actual relationships maintained over time; they can be trusted and offer the most efficient and effective use of donated funds."

– J. Iserman, Principal, Dayton Elementary

Budimo Village Nursery School

A nursery school that focused on HIV-infected children was in danger of immediate closure. We assisted them so they could continue to provide this valuable service to their community for several more years.

"I have been blessed to have my four children participate in the Uganda Project at Dayton Elementary School under the guidance, vision, energy and love of Diane Kroska. No more valuable lessons were taught to my children than those they learned through seeing what CRU is working so hard to do in"

– Ann Faulds