Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support to communities based on critical areas of need.

  • Medical Aid

    By increasing the availability and affordability of medical support, treatable illnesses don’t turn fatal.

  • Student Support

    Tuition aid, school supplies, and free meals remove barriers to essential education.

  • Job Training

    Empowering women in Ugandan communities with valuable job training.

Recent Projects

Shorter term projects can often have huge impacts on the community that last for years.

  • Budimo Nursery School

    Near Budimo Village, there was a nursery school that worked with children who had HIV-AIDS. There they could also get medical care from an elderly doctor. People lined up for hours, waiting for their child to be seen...

  • Education Assistance

    As an organization, Child Reach Uganda believes education is the most important step out of poverty. The most impactful effort of CRU lies in its student assistance program. We provide uniforms, tuition, and meals for Ugandan primary school students...

  • Help for Hearing Impaired

    When we were in our local office in Lumino, two young girls and their mother came to talk to us. Their mother was desperate. Her daughters had severe hearing impairments as a result of high fevers they had as infants...

Our Process

Teaching our students compassion with exposure to real world problems.

To create successfull communities, we seek to maintain three major pillars: Student Support, Medical Aid, and Job Training. For students to succeed in school, their families must be able to provide security for them. We assist these families with develop- ing economic independence as well as basic healthcare.